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A “Powered” Screwbox.

January 17, 2013

IMG_3215  IMG_3214

I tried to make a manual screwbox but had some issues, so I resorted to making one that used a router bit to cut the threads.

This photo shows the alignment holes for some large bolts to keep the front plate on and a large hole that was made for the cutter.

In the end I mounted it vertically in my mill, put a 60 degree taper router bit into a collet, fired up the mill and slowly turned the screw into the threads. In effect I made a clumsy Beall thread cutting tool that cuts to whatever pitch my nuts come out to. There is a little blow out on the threads but not much worse that I got when I manually chiseled them out.

So far I have two matching screws for the Moxon vice; one is for a leg vice on my current workbench project and another if I want to make a wagon maker’s vice.  Also there is my first sample that I chiseled out the first 3 inches of thread in about 3 hours and decided that was way too painful.

If I was to make any more external threads I think I’d look at re-working this tool. Part of my issues come from the mill, which operates at 2700 rpm so it cuts slowly and pretty rough.

I was a little amazed at how much slop there is in the threads and it all still works. The Moxon vice grabs well and I have not put handles on it to gain more leverage.

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