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Tool for making Nuts

January 17, 2013

Tool for making Nuts

This is the tool that is used to make nuts. First you bore a hole that is the minor diameter in the block of wood that will become the nut. Then slide the block on to the “reamer”– the light colored thing with the grooves and the little metal cutter. Then pound the block into the 4 little metal studs that are sticking out.

Then the fun part begins: Advance the cutter a tiny bit and twist it in, taking a fine shaving. Rinse and repeat till you have a nut. The results are pretty amazing.

I did learn that you need to use a hard wood; poplar is about as soft as I could get. Ash worked well and I’d assume that maple would work well also.

Now you have a limitless supply of threaded nuts to whatever pitch you cut the groove into, I used 1/2″ pitch. The cutter can be swapped out so that I could cut any thread angle. I have tried both 45 degree and 60 degree cutters.


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