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Workbench Project

February 13, 2013

I decided that my old “improved” Harbour Freight workbench no longer was up to the task.

The first step was to build a Roy Underhill designed “Portable Workbench” (not shown).  I made one from Poplar with folding legs and a tool tray and it was a success.  I used this as a trial run for the height; my previous bench was roughly 36″ tall, and the new one is about 32″. My secondary use for the portable bench was to be able to demo and teach off of something that I was comfortable with.

I found this worked so well that I was able to use it during the process of the next workbench construction.  Pictured below is the old one from HF; I moved the drawers so that I could use a holdfast, added a new vice (which I have since removed and put on the new bench, thus it’s not in this photo) and added a planing stop (too small to see in this picture) and a hook to work edges with.



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