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A stool from a tree is done !

August 21, 2013


This was a white pine in my back yard, right next to the power lines.  I had a professional take down the tree and leave me the trunk so that I could attempt to make a stool from it.

The project was a success; you can sit on the stool and it is very comfortable (it was made to the dimensions of my saw bench).

No power tools or sand paper were used on it.  All of the tools are ones that someone from the past would recognize.  I cut up the trunk into sections with a 36″ one-man cross cut saw, then from there used wedges and a sledge to split it, a broad axe to shape the boards, then a plane to refine the pieces.  All of the draw bored joinery was done with a mortice chisel and spoon bit to drill the holes.   The pegs were done with a draw knife.

I did glue the joints just to be sure; the 1/4″ tenons felt very thin so I wanted to make sure it would not fall apart.

The next one I’ll make a few changes but nothing too major. It will be a little smaller so that it fits my wife comfortably.  I will keep better track of time; I think this one was 3-5 solid days of work spread over 5-6 weeks.

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