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All Oak Box

January 27, 2014

IMG_3729 IMG_3731

This is the second in what will likely be a series of boxes.  The front (and back) carving is another pattern based off of the Follansbee carving DVDs.  The width of the board, my selection of tools, along with my design preferences add variety so that it is not an exact copy.  The side is based off of a pattern that I saw in an auction piece now in a private collect.  The till is full depth as opposed to having a bottom, because the box is only five or so inches deep putting a bottom on the till was not very useful.  That also dropped the time it takes to make the box.  The bottom and top are nailed together, but the sides are wooden pegged as opposed to nails.  Unlike the last box the top and bottom are out of oak.

Future boxes will continue with the full depth tills and the pegging of the sides.  I also cut down the length of the nails to make it less likely to cause the pre-drilled holes to poke through the sides and that seems to have worked well. The wooden hinge on this one installed much easier than the last box, the trick is to get the pin as close to the back of the box as possible.  I tried the stippling texture and was pleased with the results.  The tool that I made is out of brass and is too short (if you make a mistake you hammer your fingers), the next one will be steel and about four inches, still only 8 teeth.  The boards that make up this project are all rivened oak, but got run through the power planer, that allows me to use boards that are too twisted to be planed manually.

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